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Category 3 breed Information

Below is the Kennel Clubs information regarding the Category Three breeds (Formerly High Profile)

It is our intention, that working with the KC & members of our breed, that we will ensure our removal from the Category 3 breeds lists. However, To do this, we need the co-operation of pet owners, Exhibitors & Breeders to collate as much information as possible & to partake in any visual health checks when organised/offered by breed clubs.(These are Not to be confused with Vet checks at Championship dog shows for participation in the Group. This information will take time to collate, it may take several years, it will not be an overnight process, but we believe that it will be possible, providing EVERYONE works together.

What is a category 3 breed?

The Kennel Club has highlighted a number of breeds as category 3 breeds on Breed Watch, as these breeds have been considered to be more susceptible to developing specific health conditions associated with exaggerated conformation; in particular problems that involve the eyes, skin, dentition, movement and respiratory function (breathing).

Category 3 breeds are:

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